My serial number doesnt seem to work. Why?

Be sure you’ve properly typed in the number. Some common characters look alike. Take another look at these and try re-entering your code:

If you continue to experience problems with your serial number, email

I have the full version of Glo installed. How do I know when there is an update available?

Glo will inform you if updates are available when you start the application.

Will an update use more space on my hard disk?

An update may or may not use more space on your hard disk. For instance, updates to functionality generally consume little if any extra hard disk space. Updates to content or media generally will use more hard disk space. You will be informed of the nature of any updates, and Glo will automatically insure that you have enough hard disk space to install them.

I installed Glo and now I am being prompted to update it. Why?

Free and regular Glo updates are included in both the free and full versions. Immersion Digital is committed to making Glo as useful and as valuable to you as possible. This comes through constant improvement to the application. These improvements come to you through updates.

I want to install Glo but my computer does not have enough hard disk space available. What should I do?

Deleting unnecessary files or applications from your hard disk is a good way to free enough space to install Glo. Or, hard disk space may be increased by adding a larger hard disk, or a secondary hard disk, to your computer.

How can I get technical help with Glo?

Check our Knowledge Base for answers to frequent technical issues.


Contact Glo support

I had a hardware problem with my computer and I lost everything on it. How can I reinstall my purchased version of GLO?

You will need to repeat the installation process and enter the serial number you received when you purchased the Glo upgrade.

I installed Glo but it seems that the application window is larger than my screen. How can I fix this?

This is an indication that your screen resolution is set to below to the minimum requirement, which is 1024 x 768. For Glo to run properly, you will need to change the display settings of your computer.

For Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7, exit Glo. Right-click in any empty area of your desktop. Select Personalize from the menu, and then select Display Settings from the next menu. Drag the resolution slider to at least 1024 x 768 (higher resolutions may be options on some computers). Click Apply, and then click OK. Launch Glo again.

For Microsoft Windows XP, exit Glo. Right-click in any empty area of your desktop. Select Properties from the menu, and then select the Settings tab. Drag the resolution slider to at least 1024 x 768 (higher resolutions may be options on some computers). Click Apply, and then click OK. Launch Glo again.

Can I install Glo on a network server and then run it from another computer on the network?

No. Glo is designed to be installed and run on individual computers, not network servers.

I am having problems with the installation, what should I do?

1)    Please make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements. It requires 18GB of free space on your PC. Please make sure to allow enough free space.

2)    The installation requires a high-speed connection to the Internet – the faster the speed, the better.

3)    It should take about two hours to install, depending on the speed of the Internet connection and how fast the processor is. This is standard for a program of this size, especially a pre-release where a number of updates have to be downloaded.

4)    You’ll need to disable your computer’s firewall before beginning the installation and keep it disabled throughout the installation process.
5)    The firewall will need to be turned off or reset to allow interaction with the Glo servers or they will not be able to receive critical updates via the Internet. This may mean creating a permanent firewall exception for Glo.

6)    Aggressive anti-virus software will also cause the installation process to take much longer than necessary because it will check every file before allowing the download. This needs to be temporarily disabled.

7)  Please ensure that you have allowed the Glo Updater to communicate through both the firewall and your anti-virus programs.  If you haven’t allowed this communication then you won’t be able to get Glo updates and some of the functionality within Glo will not work.
8)    If you are using a corporate computer, you might find it easiest for your IT personnel to help with the installation, if at all possible.

9)    If you have any technical questions or challenges whatsoever, please email the Glo Tech Support Team at: